How to Lose Fat with Prebiotics Health Hack

Thomas DeLauer video tutorial on How to Lose Fat with Prebiotics Health Hack

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0:03 hey it’s Thomas the latter would be fit and by now you’re probably rockin and
0:08 rollin through 2016 pretty darn well today in this video I wanna talk about
0:13 the difference between probiotics and prebiotics because it’s something that’s
0:17 not touched a lot and I think there’s a lot of confusion out there and I wanted
0:21 to do this video so everyone could get a little bit more clarity as to what a
0:24 prebiotic does and what a probiotic does and you stay till the end of the video
0:28 I’ll show you a few foods you can eat they’re gonna give you a lot of those
0:31 prebiotic fibers to increase your digestion and ultimately help you lose
0:36 some fat so let’s dive into exactly what a probiotic pills so probiotic is
0:41 basically the help explore that you need within your stomach and intestinal tract
0:45 billions of bacteria in our debt and good accuracy and some bad bacteria and
0:51 those eight in the proper digestion of certain fruits and in fact the bacteria
0:55 with your gut actually communicate with your brain sometimes and sometimes
0:58 called the enteric nervous system on the interior and exterior with your gut
1:03 actually communicate with your brain you see your God has something that’s called
1:07 the enteric nervous system and the entire crane which means that bacteria
1:10 creating electrical impulses that communicates with the brains are
1:13 sometimes if you’ve ever noticed when you get an upset stomach
1:17 sometimes you feel a little bit more stressed out or vice versa you’ll feel
1:20 stressed out to get a little bit nauseous again a little bit of an
1:22 abscess not so the brain and the gut communicate and that healthy balance of
1:27 bacteria and healthy floor with your gut is so critical
1:30 so when you take a probiotic you were giving yourself additional bacteria
1:34 you’re giving yourself some strains of bacteria that you might have missed out
1:38 from taking antibiotics that killed it off or maybe you ate some food that
1:42 didn’t agree with you and exhausted a lot of the bacteria within your body so
1:46 probiotics are great but the reason I’m doing this video is that the kind of
1:50 over rate it a lot more benefit of a prebiotic and I’m gonna explain it like
1:54 this when you take a probiotic it’s like a drop in the bucket you got billions of
2:00 bacteria in your gut your digestive tract you take a probiotic you know
2:03 you’re basically putting a couple of million back in there are putting a
2:07 little bit of bacteria
2:08 like just small mountain grant scheme and here’s the crazy thing is that most
2:13 of the time
2:14 hydrochloric acid in your stomach kills off the bacteria before it ever has a
2:19 chance to get into the gutsy really not assimilating and utilizing much of that
2:22 to begin with and the other things that everybody is different you see if you’ve
2:27 got one person personae over here
2:29 person be over here each have different strains of bacteria within their gut or
2:34 they’re gonna have different qualities of different bacteria’s so personae over
2:37 here may have loads of bacteria one and not that much bacteria to grow as a
2:42 person he may have not that much bacteria one but loads of bacteria to do
2:47 when you take a probiotic you’re not really able to hone in on exactly what
2:52 directory you meet its not specific preview and although a lot of the
2:56 probiotics out there are multi strain meaning they have different strains of
3:00 bacteria to combat that issue they really just don’t do the trick now when
3:05 you look at a prebiotic probiotic is like a fertilizer a prebiotic stimulates
3:11 your body to treat more about healthy bacteria that’s already in it so that
3:15 same person that has a lot of bacteria one and not a lot of bacteria 21 @
3:21 fertilizer is going to help them produce more of the bacteria to that they need
3:26 and person being who is deficient bacteria one of the prebiotic is going
3:30 to help them create more bacteria that they so you can see how by giving your
3:35 body bacteria fertilizer a lot better than just adding a drop in the bucket of
3:40 a probiotic end up getting killed off in the stomach anyway so because you’ve
3:45 been watching this video want to give you a few ways that you can increase the
3:49 amount of prebiotic fiber that you be there’s a few foods that really make a
3:52 big impact you go to the store and you can buy a prebiotic and they weren’t
3:55 brick but in the day it comes down to eat the right foods and if you can
3:59 implement these foods just in your everyday diet drumming your salad thrown
4:03 into soups are just flat out getting raw you’re not a big difference and you
4:06 might get a little bit gassy when you first started out that’s totally normal
4:09 because you get an influx of good bacteria in your body is digesting there
4:13 might be a little bit of fermentation that happens when your stomach within
4:16 your body but don’t panic it usually subsides and in just a couple of days
4:19 let’s look at the foods that you can
4:21 first ones to be chicory root a lot of times you get chicory roots oops you get
4:26 in spices he didn’t even know existed but if you can find Raj chicory root it
4:31 is one of the best prebiotic fibers that you can find the next one is gonna be
4:35 ross characters they know we’re so used to eating asparagus grilled there were
4:39 so used to eating at bay for steam try it runs really not all that back down at
4:44 the bottom stock that bottom portion of its really really fibers that can be a
4:48 little bit of pain but at least it down to about the last two inches gonna get
4:52 loads of prebiotic fiber nothing that you can do it you can soak them in apple
4:55 cider vinegar for a little bit and then you’re getting the additional benefits
4:59 of apple cider vinegar and your digestive system that we’ve got
5:02 artichokes so you’re kind of catching the drift hear that anything that’s got
5:06 those fibers qualities to it you know artichokes kinda have those fibers that
5:09 run alongside it like when you bite it a lot of times you get the kind of
5:12 strenuous that comes out on the artichoke those are the prebiotic fibers
5:15 that we want and then things like Rod dandelion greens but you don’t see a lot
5:19 but they’re usually over by the sprouted section so they could you look and you
5:22 see broccoli sprouts you see other kind of vegetable sprouts like radish sprouts
5:25 a lot of times you’ll see dandelion greens over there as well that a little
5:29 bit of a bitter taste from on some salad great way to get some prebiotic fiber
5:33 now one through a little bit hard for you to get down there be rock carla has
5:38 to be wrong
5:39 student your post it or you could get there killing off a lot of the prebiotic
5:43 qualities of a perfect get around Halloween time and trying to fight off
5:47 the vampires lastly you ever get into a rock you know how powerful and pundit
5:53 that is well just as powerful and pungent within your digestive system
5:58 raw onions are one of the best probiotic foods that you can I know they’re hard
6:03 to breath and combined with the garlic it’s probably a nightmare for your
6:06 family but just give it a couple of days you’re gonna restore that I just
6:11 apartment in with your gut feel a lot better absorb a lot more nutrients lower
6:16 those cortisol levels to get the best possible shape of your life

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