How to get a girl to have sex with you FAST

Simple way on How to get a girl to have sex with you FAST video tutorial

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0:06 hey guys its me Casey a
0:07 the world’s leading female dating expert for men
0:11 now since my last DVD set the 10 her belief system came out
0:15 I have received thousands of emails from guys
0:19 asking me to make a DVD set
0:22 which focuses entirely on subduction
0:26 sexual escalation and attraction and finally it’s here
0:30 attractions to seduction the formula
0:33 literally the title says it all I’m gonna show you how to attract men
0:37 and then said she spends the consciousness DVD
0:41 will give you the most powerfully on this insights into the female mind
0:46 what makes you say no to some guys and yet lost of two of its
0:50 what turns us on and why how to get cost a woman’s last minute resisted
0:55 what we want in bet finance a customer full
0:59 and you’re also going to hear my viewpoint on seduction and attractions
1:04 the second tactics for reaction that men go with this situation
1:09 is a try and use logical persuasion
1:13 they think I’m gonna do exactly what she says
1:16 I’m gonna for the top and talk and talk and talk and I’m gonna talk %uh
1:21 into sleeping with me let me tell you what happens when you guys
1:25 this option posit and I
1:30 I did I lived out his fantasy be surprised at how much
1:33 when we live out your fantasy if you’re very unapologetically
1:38 that now this is something you want Kate goals mistake but they do
1:42 admits it to each other gonna show you
1:47 have such a sicko without coming across as sleazy all creepy
1:52 I’m gonna show you how to get a girl
1:55 until bed without using a single
1:58 sleazy pickup line I go through all the things that you need to avoid it
2:03 in order to attract women and then seduce women
2:07 all the secrets but new needs important for her to the chase
2:11 start lifting off to you you don’t need to be good-looking
2:15 you don’t need to be 652 you don’t need to have a great body
2:19 you don’t need to be rich you don’t need to be young in
2:22 border 26 use women’s forgot less hold your experiences so far with women
2:27 for godless of your situation but got this about your current success rate its
2:33 I can teach you how to attract and how to seduce women
2:37 in this DVD now even if you have tried out other
2:41 advice before and you feel like you’re in a hopeless place right now because
2:45 everything you’ve tried hasn’t resulted in how you
2:49 hoped for and how you mentioned it to be those days the hopes of
2:53 because in this DVD you’re going to find out how to really attract women how to
2:59 suggest that is
3:00 and you’re gonna find out how to get real tangible results
3:04 we’ll be sharing with you a multitude of ways
3:08 that was fire up her desire to want to sleep with you
3:11 techniques and methods that I share with you
3:14 in this DVD set are the most effective
3:17 and practical methods out that up
3:22 we need to look at the with them of your voice now remember it’s not about what
3:26 she say
3:27 it is how you say it and then you go back into the company you keep doing
3:32 that you keep doing this and building up of
3:34 you keep building up the amount of time that you on that seduction state you
3:39 consciously
3:40 it’s a seduction stage have to be gradual
3:43 and that’s when you can go in for the case know I need to warn you
3:48 that in this DVD you’re going to hear
3:51 the most soreness hard-hitting
3:54 advice insights from a woman that that at the hut
3:58 I’m the woman who can skew the advice that your female friends
4:03 %uh too nice to tell you I’m the woman
4:06 could give see the feedback that you ex-girlfriends fell to provide cue
4:11 my honesty is land mean a lot of trouble ultimately
4:15 its helps so many men I love the material that’s in these DVD’s
4:20 it not only detailed but expect that think
4:24 that you could find in a Valentine’s cards
4:27 I know what you saying thats you’ve got to replace
4:32 these nice guy compliments way and
4:35 you’re getting on with the Gulf when your bed with her with things such as
4:39 with keeping all case
4:42 I will spend hours measuring
4:45 you sweat cannot wait to call cannot wait the
4:51 we think that you should have been told years ago is going to be in these DVD’s
4:55 if you’re that guy that nice guy that always get friend zoned
4:59 and its content to watch the women that he desired goal
5:04 other men this DVD is not for you but if you desire to be the one who gets the
5:09 hottest girls in the clout
5:10 who never gets friends I’m who knows how to turn women all
5:14 who understands what women want and who’s essentially
5:19 of fed up attracting women the most guys
5:22 and the TV set attraction to subduction
5:26 the formula is for you got my web site WWW dot
5:31 can see attached noble don’t calm have a look under the put up sex n
5:36 and you’ll find it that face watching this video

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